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One of the tedious steps in transformation challenges is tracking what you eat...
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How To Share Your MyFitnessPal Food Diary


At Live Life on Track,
we use MyFitnessPal and our private Facebook Group to help share your progress with other body transformation participants and our coaches.

One of the easy ways to post your daily meals from MyFitnessPal is to share your diary link. This allows anyone with the link to see your food dairy as you add data to MyFitnessPal.


Here is how you setup your account to be able to easily share your daily diary.

Step 1
Tuning on Diary Sharing


Load the MyFitnessPal app, and navigate to the settings screen under more.


Choose Settings



Then choose Diary Settings.



Select Diary Sharing,
and set the option to Public.

Step 2:
Getting Your Sharing Link


This now means that anyone that knows your profile can read your food diary.

Go back to the More screen, and take note of your username. In my case it is 'astroboysoup'.

Take note of your username

In this case it is ‘astroboysoup’

Now you can create a link to your food diary on a day by day basis.


Copy this URL:

Replace USERNAME with your own username, and update the date to the date in which you are sharing,


You now have your link ready for sharing.

Step 3
Sharing Your Link
to the Group

Copy this link with the updated variables of your username and the date in which you want to share, and paste it into the Transformation Challenge Facebook Group.

Comment on some highlights from your diary, how your feeling and what classes you did for the day.

Try posting a picture of your food too if you have time to help inspire others.


Have a look how others are doing and what they are eating.

Leave a comment or a Like and help motivate your fellow body transformation challengers.

Expert Tips

You can save your unique Food Diary URL into your Notes app on your iPhone or an equivalent app on Android. Now you can refer to that note and copy and paste your URL from there and all you have to do is update the last day's date to the current date that your posting about.



Did you know you can also pull in the data from your Fitbit into MyFitnessPal so you know how many calories you have burnt that day? You can sync all of your fitness data into the Health app on your iOS device and share that data back to the MyFitnessPal all. Your calorie burn will now also show in the app. Means you can eat just that little bit more.

You're all sorted and start posting away for your challenge.

Keep tracking, understand what you're eating and hit your goals!