28 Day Online Challenge

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How many days can change your fitness?



The Ultimate 28 Day ONLINE Transformation Challenge is here
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Kickstart your Fitness

Practising Yoga

Been looking for the perfect way to kickstart
your Fitness?


• Want fun, fast and fat blasting workouts?
• Want easy to follow nutrition that fits your lifestyle?
• Want lots of variety to your workouts?
• Want to train from the comfort of your own home/park/beach?

And a trainer that is there for you every step of the way?

Look no further than the
3 Session Trial Pack
for Outdoor Personal Training 



4 sessions per week, that’s over 15 sessions designed to melt centimetres, tone and tighten tummy

- Instant message access with your PT, to help move you faster towards your goals and accelerate your progress

- Accountability and check-in reports to keep track of your results. Don’t just feel the change, see the change

- Easy to follow, delicious meal plans customised to fire up your metabolism
• Weekly Video/Phone coaching call with your PT, to help plan out your week for maximum transformation