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Live Life on Track specialises in strength training and assisting clients with supporting their fitness goals, with a particular focus on Rehabilitation Training.  We have a proven track record in helping clients who require regular exercise in order to manage pain and progress their training, in order to get back to doing the sport or activities they love doing.  Accelerated recovery is important to us and therefore our training programs often accompany treatment sought by allied health professionals.  We work closely with Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteotherapists, etc, to offer the full support required in order to maintain consistency for a complete the spectrum of rehabilitation.  

To us, strength training involves identifying specific muscular weakness, that clients suffer from which underpin so many of their chronic niggling bio-mechanical problems.  We are then able design meaningful training programs which address those issues, through exercise, mobility work and specific training progressions to manage pain and rehabilitate, providing permanent solutions to muscular imbalances.   

Setting weight loss goals and managing nutrition can be an important part of the puzzle to have a well rounded program, with proper coaching and support we can help you make losing weight a less daunting task. 

Fitness has always been an important outlet for us and we are always glad to share our passion for feeling stronger, healthier and more capable in moving through life and sport in a meaningful way.

Let us help boost your health and mental well-being through cutting edge training programs, to address your fitness goals & functional movement training needs.


Online Health & Fitness with a Personal Touch

Live Life on Track Online Training is committed to offering you comprehensive fitness and nutrition coaching without the face-time.  With many years experience in the health and fitness industry, our passion is to enhance your health and wellbeing through a holistic, personalised approach to health. 

Online coaching lets you train from the convenience of your own home, park or where ever you feel comfortable. We love finding the best ways that training can fit in with your lifestyle because we know that everyone's routine is different.   We offer personalised services and have helped people create customised lifestyle plans. 

CLOSED FACEBOOK GROUP ACCESS with connection to an entire community of like minded badass' to help you celebrate your wins and achievements

No matter where you are in the world, we can connect with you and build a strong foundation to set you up for absolute success in your health and fitness journey with regular contact and check in's to help you Live Life on Track.

Where possible we also offer hybrid training, with the availability of face to face and online training for those based in Sydney.


Minimum 12 week training program.


Click 'Get Started' to get in touch by email and discuss which option suits your needs best. 


  • FULLY INDIVIDUALISED fitness program designed to help you work towards your goals

  • FORM GUIDANCE and video demonstrations



  • INSTANT MESSAGE Coaching with Liv




  • FULLY INDIVIDUALISED fitness program designed to help you work towards your goals

  • FORM GUIDANCE and video demonstrations



Here's what's unique about this package:

  • WEEKLY Meal Plan

  • INSTANT MESSAGE & VIDEO/PHONE CALL - Weekly 30 minute coaching call with Liv




About Online Personal Training

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About Personal Training Face to Face

How we can help

Rehabilitation and strength training are not only our passions, but defining aspects of our lives. We specialise in seeing clients seeking guidance and results for:

  • Pre/post natal exercise rehabilitation 

  • Specific strength conditioning 

  • Exercise rehabilitation

  • Squat/Deadlift training

  • Mobility training

  • Myofascial releasing

  • Kettlebell training

  • Pilates training

We take a holistic approach to Personal Training, creating goal oriented programs to help you in every step of your Fitness journey.

Specialising in Anxiety Management our supportive and caring approach, will make you feel encouraged to take steps towards your goal at an agreed upon pace and to keep your individual goals at front of mind.

Our personalised approach ensures that no matter your skill level, we can help you grow and achieve success.  There’s no better time than now to begin training. No matter your current skill level, there’s always room for improvement and growth.

Currently operating one on one training in Rowland Park, Pagewood/Daceyville, by appointment only, contact us for current availability.

Book in for your complimentary fitness assessment, to discuss which option suits your needs best

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Minimum 12 week training program






1 Session per week, price per session:

1 hour: $90

45 minutes: $80

30 minutes: $70

2 Sessions per week, price per session:

1 hour: $85

45 minutes: $75

30 minutes: $65

Home training price, additional $10 per session, available in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs

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"Liv has transformed my life. When I met Liv just over 3 years ago, I lacked confidence, motivation and struggled with my mental health. Liv cares deeply about her clients and I am so proud of how far I have come. Highly recommend no matter your level of fitness or experience at the gym, she will design a program that works for you."

Ellen Brodie - 31

“A truly talented, amazing and inspiring Trainer. My sessions are always very professional but also extremely motivating. Livia is a Trainer with a warm heart and amazing skills. Highly recommended.”

Amy Michaels - 27

"I needed an enthusiastic trainer that could work around my injuries and schedule. I have surpassed my expectations and reaching new heights at this point; I thought I could never achieve thanks to Liv."

Tina Inglis - 44


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